Monday, 31 January 2011


So much for the colder weather that I heralded through my last blog. For most of last week we had a high pressure sitting over the country. Sure, we had frosts down to -8. but we had glorious, sunny still days in between 'em.

Great weather to be oot the hill but lousy conditions for stalking. We all arrived back at the larder in the evenings ranting about flukey winds and beasts sent packing by grouse getting up hundreds of yards away. I feel my teeth wanting to gnash at the very thought of it.

The culmination of the week was taking a good friend of mine out on Friday. We eventually found a herd of about 200 right at the top of the hill.

Unfortunately we didn't get to stalk them for what seemed like an age. They ran this way and that, they stood bunched up on the skyline, not one would settle down or start feeding.

All we could do while this was going on was to watch and wait. In a particularly frosty hollow, wouldn't you know. Eventually they lay down and we stalked in.

We got into position and I picked out a fine yeld hind for Gordon. Twenty minutes later, the hind got up, turned away from us and walked off over the skyline without pause. The other 199 followed her. Right at the back a particularly scrawny calf paused outside Last Chance Saloon......

We thought it to be a lot of time and effort for one ill-thriven beast. Eric and Fergus (the horse) thought the same when they arrived at the top of the hill to pick it up.


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