Tuesday, 18 January 2011

An Icy Grip- Now There's an Oxymoron!

You'd hardly believe the change that this weeks thaw has brought. You'll see pics from last week and a couple from yesterday.

And yes, that is an adder in one of the photos. The poor thing must have had its alarm clock set wrong- or perhaps it was washed out of its hole by meltwater. When Eric (my ponyman) found it yesterday, it was barely moving and felt as cold as ice.

Today we found it again, dead where we left it. Speaking with my colleagues, no-one has ever seen an adder out anywhere near this time of year. For obvious reasons, it appears.

And while on the subject of downfalls; this morning I did my Tom Daley impersonation whilst trying to cross a burn on ice-glazed rocks. In another arena my back-flip with triple salco might have earned me a medal. Instead I got cold, wet and a knee sore enough to make crawling a pain in the arse. As it were.

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