Thursday, 13 January 2011

A normal day.

A normal day. I was heading to the hill, desperate to get on with my hind cull. With the weather having turned a whole lot milder, it had rained in the night.

I could see how icy it had gotten with the rain having fallen on frozen ground. So I was straddling the tracks as I climbed up through the first park. Then the rover slipped sideways into the frozen tracks.

It slid 50m.

Have a good look at the pic and see where it stopped. Then go and make sure that someone who you love knows it.

Even if it is just a normal day.


  1. Can't begin to imagine how frightening that was and stopping so close to a drop ! Some one is looking after you Andy. Assume you winched it up rather than drive it ?
    Checkout the bargains on underwear in the sales !!!!

  2. Ha! Not a enjoyable moment!! Another reason why us keepers ware shitcatchers!!. Incidently,,nipped a vulpes vulpes down the bottom there.Mike.

  3. How far into the 50m slide did you jump out of the wagon?! Simon

  4. I stayed with it. Less the-captain-always-goes-down-with-his-ship and more because it swung round and I ended up on the downhill side. I had a good clear view of what was coming!

  5. You were very lucky with the landy - great on snow, but not so good on ice. Did the ding on the wing happen at the same time?Really enjoyed the article in the 'scots magazine', and wondered where is it you are? We are living and working (farming)on a large estate on the West Coast (Argyll). Also have a few Highland Ponies! What is Fergus breeding?

  6. Glad to hear you've been enjoying my ramblings. I'm sorry but I dont want to divulge our exact location. (The less people who know the whereabouts of our Eagles, Merlins &c, the better. But it's somewhere in the East Grampians.

    As for Fergus, all I know is that he came to us from Fife. I think.

    Oh, and the landy met with a snowplough. Sometime around the start of December. Read all about it!