Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Spring is Sprung...

Just after my last blog, Spring suddenly put in an appearance. Overnight we went to plus temperatures and there the thermometer has stayed ever since.
We managed to get another week of foxing out on our far ground, but even there, bare patches were appearing by the finish.
Maybe just as well, what with our argocat out of action and the steering on the snowtrac then giving up the ghost. That left me with the skis but with the snow on the lower ground all broken up it meant I was carrying the skis as much as they were carrying me. It was a hard week but we did manage to catch up with another couple of foxes.
Since then we've been playing catch-up with all those other jobs that have been on hold for so long. Stoat traps have been set, middens set, firewood cut, grouse grit put out and heather burnt. And we're just getting warmed up (as it were)...
I'll try and keep you better posted than of late but I'm afraid my clappedtop can be added to the ever-growing list of equipment failures that I've been experiencing just lately. I'll bid you adieu before I break this borrowed one too.

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