Thursday, 4 March 2010

Skidoo? Skied oot !

Another day out on skis looking for foxes. Michty me, but it's hard work. I suspect (from the tracks) that the fox- or foxes- are favouring these rock faces to lie up in. But can I spot them? Er, no.
We have to take great care near these places. It would be so easy to end up falling through a cornice or slipping on ice and sliding until you met a rock- or the edge of a cliff. Best avoided, I say.
Although falling is a real danger in these wintery conditions, they are also ideal for falling in with Foxy. We've been working in close cooperation with one of the neighbouring estates and another vixen was caught up with out that way today. Between the two estates, that makes 14 foxes since New Year. To put that into perspective, that's more than we might get in our whole 'foxing season' (den time). However, going by the signs, there seem to be plenty left.
They might get a reprieve tomorrow, too. It looks like we'll be going to try and recover our stricken argocat. I'll be very surprised if it's straightforward.....

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