Saturday, 26 January 2013

And We Know What Happened To The Mammoths

Well we've had a load of snow this week. More than we can cope with to be honest with you, although saying that 'sticks in my craw' after bleating for months that we need harder weather.

Anyway, there's so much snow, that we've hardly been able to get to our hinds. There's about 2 feet of it, plus there was serious drifting too.

I've spent a fair amount of the week digging or- better- snowploughing with the tractor. The snow is so soft and deep as to make our snowbikes and snowtrac useless.

I've included pictures of the two days I did get stalking. The first was after some 'handy' hinds not far away but up a steep face. Getting up there was a real battle and I was glad of the help from our young trainee to drag them back down.

The second time was yesterday. I was joined by a good friend and we decided to have a look out the floor of  a wee side glen. We found deer alright but resorted to walking up the river rather than the thigh deep plunge that was the alternative.

It took about 2 hours to go a mile. We eventually got stalked in and bagged a couple of yeld hinds. Eric brought Fergus up, and when he was loaded, it took another 2 hours to get back to the rover. It was a mammoth effort (har).

All the time I was doing this I wondered why I bother. It must just be in my nature to give it 100% every day. It's a shame it counts for so little.


  1. The long hard days always make up for the short easy ones you get from time to time. Your work effort never goes unnoticed, as you have a blog spot dedicated to it. The job always requires a 100% and probably alot more but am sure you well know that this is always not the case in some circumstances.
    Keep your chin up!

  2. Great to see some photos of the winter. You deserve a good break come the end of the season.

    All your efforts are well appreciated by your loyal followers!

  3. Good blog, will look forward to seeing where this goes,keep it Up! MD Highland & Hill Associates