Monday, 21 January 2013

The Exorcism

This was always going to be a time of change. Our old head keeper would have been due to retire in a couple of months. As it was, cancer cut him down before that was allowed to happen. Although he is gone, I can still feel his presence. We all can.

When the time came to look for a replacement, I applied for the post. As did two of my colleagues. Altogether that represented about 5 decades of keepering experience.

So it's safe to say that we were all a bit surprised when it was announced that a 30 year old from outwith has been offered the job. As you might imagine, I've since pondered this decision.

Maybe it's because he doesn't believe in ghosts.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds a bit of a rum 'un. Perhaps the title of your last post is an apposite one. I fear, after the vicissitudes of 2012, it will feel like a kick in the teeth. As Noel Coward frequently uttered, "I shall rise above it". This may be an interesting space to watch!
    Good luck, Ian