Sunday, 5 June 2011

Busmans Holiday

My family and I were away for a break last week. However I was back in time to lead a couple of walks for an annual walking festival. Strangely, after 4 days of ice cream and sandcastles the hills seemed that little bit steeper.

However, without having to be carrying a rifle or shotgun, and without having to be working a shovel or spade or rake, it still felt like a walk in the park. (Albeit, an 8 mile long park today.)

Annoyingly, the local fauna decided to make itself scarce in a way I've rarely seen. I kept my eyes as peeled as I know how, but to little effect.

What I did come across were a couple of abandoned grouse nests and a handful of coveys of young grouse. The best had only 5 chicks.

Worrying times? Pass the anti-acid.

Oh, and if you're wondering why one of the walks takes in a scrapyard, it's actually the wreck of a Wellington bomber that crashed on a training flight in 1943.

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