Saturday, 7 May 2011

Out of the Picture

It was inevitable, I suppose. That's why the camera I used was an ebay special. God knows where it is now. It might be somewhere oot the hill right now, in this deluge. Perhaps it's down the back of a piece of furniture somewhere in the house. Perhaps my young son has purloined it. Whatever.....

I'm almost more annoyed at losing the handful of photos that I hadn't yet downloaded. I reckon there were some cracking shots of a crack of dawn. And I would have loved to have had it to show a classic fox kill I came across- an oystercatcher near the lochside with its head pulled off. And the wild mallard with her 10 newly-hatched chicks would have been a good 'un. And the goosanders nest I found in a hole in an old ash tree.

But I did say almost.

As it is, I hope not to deprive you of piccies for too long. I've just heard that my last bid was successful so a replacement should be with me shortly.

I hope it proves to be as robust as the last. I always expected water or an impact to be its demise. Maybe it will be yet, after all it's sure to appear now I've bought another.

It's been another busy week. Walking ground, doing early mornings, checking traps. A rough calculation tells me it's been a 60++ hour week. And there is loads still to do. Hey ho.

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