Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Driven to Tears

We've had a massive day today.

We were driving grouse but went to drives on the far margins of the ground. The day started with an hours walk (and a 1,000ft climb) before we started lining out! Thereafter we walked....and walked.... and walked.

We've seen a shedload of grouse today. Some of them even went the right way but when they go through the butts in packs of 50++ with a strong tail wind behind them, even the best of shots can't make much of them.

So we ended up with 76 brace of grouse and 20 brace of tired legs.

It's been a great day 'oot the hill' and my only gripe is that, after all this activity today, finding a stag tomorrow could be a serious challenge.

Now, where's the radox.....?

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