Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Change of Luck

Today was a good day. After what seems like a long time of poor weather and poorer prospects (no stags on the ground yet) I had a change of fortunes today.

After a stalk that revealed nothing but young, unsuitable stags my guest and I were about to abandon our position. Just before we did another 3 came walking over from the next hill. Almost right to us. And amongst that 3 was one that would do. Almost certainly the only shootable stag on the beat- a 16st 6lb, eight pointer.

And after our day was done, I was back home with an hour of daylight left. I grabbed the fishing rod and headed down to the river. I was just about at the point of calling it a day when a fish took. Nearly 20 minutes later I landed this beautifully proportioned salmon of about 15lbs.


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