Friday, 14 December 2012

Army Fatigues

As I suspected, that's been a full-on week. The snipers have now vacated the village hall and I suspect they'll be near the end of their journey home by now.

As for me, I feel near the end of my tether. Sure, it's been a busy week. And there's no doubt it takes more energy and effort to take a guest stalking than to just do it yourself. But it's more than that. Stalking red deer on the open hill is not something you can do half-hearted. Do that and you'd be as well not bothering.

I've been stalking nigh every day since the start of October. Every day I've been giving it my level best (to use a particularly inappropriate expression for the hill) and I'm starting to feel a little.....frazzled.

It's been a day of rain, sleet and snow. High winds and low spirits. As I type this the storm is still raging outside. But for now I'm sat in front of a roasting fire. I've a glass of wine at hand and Lil'Lots asleep at my feet.....and the whole weekend in which to recover before I do it all again.


  1. I have been enjoying your tales and photographs for some years and feel guilty that I have never recorded my appreciation that you take the trouble to keep your "followers" informed and updated, when you may sometimes (exhausted, cold, sad) wish you had never started! Whenever I take to my typing television to check emails etc., I automatically stab hopefully on "Wild Antics" and invariably feel a frisson if a new date appears. So whenever you think there may be no one out there... you are being watched. Very many thanks, Ian

  2. I'll second that - I always look for Wild Antics in my favourites for glen updates. Happy Christmas...Jane

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in the Glen. Mark