Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Contemplating My Lunchbox

Much to my relief, the hind season is finally over. And in case I haven't mentioned it before IT HAS BEEN HARD.

Oh, I have already, have I ??

A couple of the pictures show the grand finale to the season. If you're wondering, the whisky was a gift from some grateful guests. (As if we would have pinched it from THAT lot!) Very welcome it was too. Thanks lads.

And so to today. Today I was setting up my long-neglected stoat traps. I don't think I've yet recovered from the marathon that was the hind season because by 11.30 I was feeling absolutely knackered. I hunkered down in the lee of a bank to have my piece. Trying with little success to shelter from the drizzle carried on an icy blast.

My banana had a sticker on it and- as I've done 1000 times before- I stuck this to the lid of my lunchbox. Then as I sat there I started reading the names on all the different stickers. Braeburn- New Zealand; Cape- South Africa; Fyffes- Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, The Windward Islands.....

Those far-flung lands have always sounded exotic, but never moreso than right then. Strangely, I could almost feel the warmth of the sun....

They say hypothermia can get you like that! It was time to get round more traps.

Boy, do I need a holiday.

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