Friday, 16 December 2011

Storm Troopers

Since my last blog, the weather has turned a lot We've had frost, we've had snow and we've had wind. Lots of it. On the top of Cairngorm (about 30 miles as the crow rapidly flies) they recorded a max. wind speed of 165mph.

Through all this, I've been stalking hinds. More often than not with a guest. This week we've been host to a group of army snipers. Each day I've had two of them out with me. It has meant full-on days, trying to get a shot for both. On the plus side they've certainly been more help than hinderance. They know how to spot, they know how to stalk and they know how to shoot.....and I took it upon myself to teach them how to drag!

And despite the inclement weather at the start of the week, they've managed to bag over 40 hinds over the 4 beats. Good going guys

It's one of my great pleasures introducing rookies to what I consider to be the most challenging- and rewarding- of fieldsports. And I make no excuses for the enthusiastic 'bloodings' I gave them. As with everything that was asked of them, they were well up for it.

But for now, my rifle is cleaned and locked away; my gear is drying out and my radios are charging. And I've got all weekend to summon the energy to do it all again come Monday.

So if you'll excuse me, it's time to throw another log on the fire.


  1. Happy New Year!
    Do you still have a new year shoot on the first? Next day we kids helped pick up the pieces and I remember noe of the keepers would admit to shooting the "doo" with just the one wee nick in it. "Mine were a' b*** dust!"
    I'm looking forward to more bloggs and pics in the 2012. EmmaW

  2. Happy New Year to you too. I'm just back from the shoot! I dare say there were a few folk there who would ken you yet. Over a dram afterwards I was asking a few of the old worthies whether they could work out who you were. The surnames Watson, White and Wison were suggested but all rejected by the committee. If you didn't want to give too much away online, if you named the year and the house you were in, I'm sure we'd have you identified!!

  3. I'm not a real "glenner" - but it is the Glen I miss. My name was Elizabeth Morris and we had Glen Mark cottage for about ten years, and then Arsallary. I'v stayed at the Kirkton and the House of Mark as well as with my grandmother at the Parsonage when I was small and later at the Lodge where she was caretaker. I live in Norway now and the W is for Wiljugrein. All the best for 2012!EmmaW