Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Haggis Country

Phew. It's been a tough week- and it's only Wednesday!

We've been walking ground, looking for fox dens. As I've said before, the foxes often favour the steep, rocky faces. So that's where we've been walking. I feel like I'm needing to grow one leg longer than the other. (And hope we then don't start walking the hillsides in the other direction.)

And what have we gained from all this invested shoe-leather? Not a lot.

We've found sandholes that have been scraped out. We've found a cairn that's had a recent visit. (See pic of one of my colleagues inspecting poo!) But really we're no further on.

Having said that, all is not lost. I located a 'hoodies' nest on Monday. It's going to be a major excursion to get out to it with a Larsen cage but that's what I'll be doing the first spare moment I get. Do you suppose the chicks will have flown by Christmas?

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