Monday, 19 July 2010

The Name's Pete.....

The accompanying photo shows a butt that will go down in the annals as being the tightest (Steady, Elton!) for space in the history Nippit in the butt, as it were.
It required radical surgery. However this is not to be undertaken lightly. Not only can it give you piles of trouble but if you push things too far it can lead to a co-lapse. And you don't want one of them.
The other pic shows a rather large rock our alterations uncovered. It was a real strain but we managed to squeeze it out with only a minimum of soft tissue damage.
As it happens, half the butts in this row have needed similar attention and we have already spent two days on them. That's two days of hard labour, in the pissing rain, absolutely clarted (good Scottish word!) in peat. At least the rain washed the midges away.
There's another good Scottish saying; "You have to tak' the stoor (dust) wi' the grain". Well here's my stoor!

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