Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mans Best Fiend

Any of you who have been reading my blogs with any regularity will have noticed that I have a rather unusual shadow. His name is Ed and he's my Mostly-Border Terrier. (Actually, there's one quarter of a Jack Russell in there but it's not the bit between his ears so I don't hold it against him.)
You'll have seen him in rather a lot of the photos I've posted, mainly because a)he's always with me, b)he's the more photogenic of us and, c)I haven't managed to train him to take the pics.
Most gamekeepers will tell you that theirs is The Best Dog in The World but that is just egotistical blethers; 'coz mine is!!
Ed stalks deer with me; he'll face a fox in any hole he can fit into; he'll point anything from deer calves to birds; he can find a stoat in a dyke and a flake of sausage roll in an acre. Hell, he'll even do the valve clearances on my 'bike.
In fact the only thing he can't do is leave my sons footballs in one piece. They're his Achilles Heel- were he to have a heel.
However what's most remarkble about him is the way he's trained me. I can tell whether he's getting the scent of deer or fox, rabbit or grouse. He'll tell me with a look if there's anybody home in a cairn or sandhole. He'll warn me with the quietest of 'wuf's if there's something I've failed to notice.
Altogether, he's one smart cookie and I think it's no exaggeration to say he has me wrapped round his little... er... claw.
Flea cheers for Ed.



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