Friday, 14 May 2010

'S no the Weather to be Sleeping Out.

As you can probably tell from the pics, it's been a mixed bag workwise. Apart from the weather. The cold northerlies continue to bring low temperatures, cloud, sleet and snow. As the hatching time for grouse chicks is nigh-on upon us, we desperately need that to change.
The weather girl informed us that Tuesday night was the coldest May night for 16 years- and 2 of my colleagues were out at a fox den in it. Not that it did them a lot of good. They had a night of freezing fog and snow, followed by clear skies and hard frost on daylight. And them just in bivvy bags......
It was my turn to lend a hand last night and again we were completely stymied by mist and rain for the duration of the night. As I type, all my gear is festooned over sundry garden fixtures in an attempt to get it dry for tonight.
It's a laugh a minute.....
The other pics (other than the obligatory snow-scenes) include one of a barely-discernible pair of Slow-worms. It's not unusual to see one, but I've rarely seen a pair together. It also shows us sorting a bridge that was blown off it's footings during the winter. If you'd been there trying to help us shift it back into position, you'd realise what a phenomenon that must have been.
There's also a pic of one of the many grouse nests I've come across this week.
That's what it's all about!!

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