Tuesday, 26 January 2010

High Maintenance

Shortly after taking the pic of the snowtrac yesterday, we found we had a puncture. Botheration.
Seeing as all the troops were mobilised for a deer drive, we carried on as planned with the intention of returning to the snowtrac later.
Wouldn't you know it, the deer played (snow)ball and we got a good haul. Then we had a bad haul as it took us the rest of the day to get them all back to the larder and dealt with.
Which meant that today I had the dubious honour of going 1000ft back up the hill and spending a happy couple of hours writhing about underneath it in the snow. When this vehicle was designed, home maintenance wasn't on the remit. It was a major battle to slacken the track before I could remove the wheel and everything I tried to put a spanner to was seized, inaccesible to hands any bigger than Thumbelinas, and covered with concretions of frozen crud.
I was dangerously near a Basil Faulty moment.
And tomorrow? We-ell, now that the puncture is sorted, someones going to have to go back up there and put the wheel back on..........

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