Friday, 11 December 2009

Looking for signs of life.....

I must confess I'm starting to loose faith a bit here. I've no idea if anybody reads these ramblings other than my parents. Please leave a comment- abuse if you like- but SOMETHING to let me know that I'm not totally wasting my time here.

Oh, and hi Mum.


  1. Great stuff. Keep the faith and keep making me very jealous while i sit at my desk in a rather tedious job in a country that is below below sea level . . . not a great combination.

    All the best


  2. I sit staring at a computer all day - I wish I was staring at deer (even if it is through driving rain!). Keep them coming.... your stories are the breath of fresh air that I find myself gasping for!

  3. This is great reading. I am sitting in an office in Madrid, knowing where I would rather be. Love the photos too. Please keep it up, its a great escape back to the hill for me!

  4. Hi, at last I've signed up to follow your every move. Loving your pics, keep them coming. You are most definitely not wasting your time.