Saturday, 24 October 2009

Water,water everywhere

We're now into day 4 of mist and rain. A grouse shoot had been planned for today but after waiting around for 5 hours, we eventually pulled the (bath) plug. As a consolation, we did a couple of hours rough shooting on the lowest-and thus clearest- part of the estate.

It was dismal, plowtering about in the rank heather and sprots (rushes) in the driving rain and half-light. We ended up with 3 dozen rabbits, a woodcock, a snipe and a soaking, one and all. After dropping the game off at the larder and drying and cleaning the guns I gratefully headed for home.

Upon my arrival I found my drive in the process of being transformed into a riverbed, my workshop flooded, my scullery within an inch of being inundated and the gate to one of my kennel runs chewed through by Ed. He doesn't like missing out on anything, even a day like this.

I've just seen a forecast for the next 3 days and it isn't looking bonny. We've now had about 8" in 4 days and it's looking like there's plenty more to come. On a happier note, I received some photos from a lady who joined our stalking party for a day during the stag season. I thought I'd share them with you, although it has to be said that I'm smarting a little at being upstaged by a dog.

Ed, it's the kennel for you.....once I get the gate sorted.

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