Thursday, 27 August 2009

Chalk and cheese

It's been a couple of days since my last post. Two very different days.

Yesterday I was giving fly-fishing lessons to 3 kids and 1 mum. We started off praciticing on the lodge drive in the driving rain. Mum and 2 of the kids had done some before, but 8 year old N had never tried it before. He took to it like a duck to (rain) water.

At one point Mum asked me what made a good cast. "One that catches a fish. " I replied. I reckon there's more horse manure spoken about fly-fishing than any other subject......with the exception of wine perhaps.

In the afternoon we went down to the river and I took N straight to a highly likely spot. He cast like he'd been doing it for years and was into a fish within minutes. It took him another 6 or 7 minutes to play it out but he ended up landing a bonny wild Brown Trout of about 1lb 4 oz. The look on his face made my day!

Today all the guests are off elsewhere so I caught up on a couple of jobs. I started off going to the 'Inners Brig' and getting the last of the 'floorboards' replaced. It has been a work-in-progress for a good few days so it was fine to see the job through. It was even finer to see it through without any of the tools ending up in the river. Wonders will never cease.

As I was working, the morning sun was glinting off the river and the only sound was the rill of the water. If only you could bottle moments like that.

I took an early finish to go to a bank appointment. (I suppose you could call it flexitime as I was out spotlighting for foxes until 1am last night.) It's a 60 mile round trip and my wife had the car so I had to use my bike. It's a '95 fireblade and it's limits far exceed mine. I just wish the bank wasn't so near.

Two very different days, same glow inside.

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